A surreal take on a 1950s ‘Drive-In’ movie theatre combining performance with film. Carlsberg’s Nytap space will be transformed with 10 junk car based, micro performance installations running throughout the evening. There will also be surprise performances outside the cars. Make sure you look up…

See all 10 shows or enjoy a drink at the Drive-In Dive Bar. Wunderkammer is happy to be working with a diverse group of artists from Denmark, France, Brazil, the UK, Australia and more.

PREMIERES 14TH OCTOBER and runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights until the 13th November.
CAR 1Helena Ceausescu’s Wunderkammer!By IDAPERFORMS.

Helena Ceausescu, Mother of Romania, married to the infamous communist leader Nicolai Ceausescu. Together they lead Romania into a dark era of poverty and corruption until their execution in 1989. The Dutch writer Geert Mak described Helenas famous, luxurious and perfumed wardrobes as a banal contrast to the suffering state the nation of Romania was in.

Between the 27th-30th of Oct. and the 5th-7th of Nov. you can meet Helena at NyTap in her perfumed and luxurious wardrobe-universe; her personal wunderkammer.

car 1 CAR 2 Jungle Car. By Lucas Margutti.

“when poison suffocates the lungs of the sky,
it will fall on those who provoked their disease.” Yanomami Dictation.
If you can’t come to Amazon, the Amazon will come to you. Welcome to the Jungle car.
Come ride the rivers of the Amazon and learn more about the myths and legends of the forest.

car 1 CAR 3 Car Organ. By Arthur Lecaron and Maria Friis-Thorsen.

An interactive installation combined with live performance from the artists mixing sound, light and visuals. The artists will create an audio-visual concert using the entire Drive-in giving the audinece the opportunity to play both the cars and vast Ny Tap space.

car 1 CAR 4 Love Song Dedications.

By Luke Cooper and Sam Moore.

Hey baby, come here an’ sit a little closer… Why so shy? I wont bite. I won’t do anything you you don’t want me to. I’ll have you home by midnight. We can just sit here and listen to the radio…

car 1 CAR 5 Translucence. By Mikkel Christianse and Nanna Abell.

Diffuse light runs through the translucent screens. Every now and then a finger points to the window, making a stripe and hereby allowing the light to cut into the space and the curious spectator to look inside. Caused by this interaction between the inside, the outside, the light and the fluid this car and the experience will constantly change.
car 1 CAR 6 Car Crash. By Rasmus Lykkebro.

car 1 CAR 7 Playground. By Thor Jensen.

car 1 CAR 8 Home From Home. By Sissel Tonn.

As much on exile as homeliness. This project is about images as triggers of memory and a sense of belonging, identity and place. Taking place in a family camping wagon, the experience implements the audience with a nod towards collective memory of a time, a culture and a way of life.

car 1CAR 9 Lives of Others. By Glen Yeoh.

Explore the boundaries of private, fetishistic or fringe behaviour made legitimate within the confines of the car. The occupants are visible to the world but protected by the warm embrace of steel and glass. A place where you can let your guard down and embrace the private that was previously reserved for “behind closed doors”.

car 1 CAR 10 Meta-Magical. By Julian Amery.

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